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The biggest, Fattest royalty-free sound effects on the internet.

Big Fat Audio is a professional sound effects company based in London, UK created by a team of award winning sound designers. Having spent years providing sound effects for feature films, TV and radio productions and sound designers the world over, we decided it was about time that EVERYONE should be able to use our library. Therefore, this website enables you to download as many sounds as you want - at very reasonable prices.

The internet is currently flooded with cheap sound recordings made with crunchy mini-disk recorders and little attention is being paid to recording technique, hiss and background noise. We only offer high quality, stereo, digital  recordings made with top-end equipment costing thousands of dollars. So please have a listen to our sounds and rest assured that if you decide to purchase one, it will be handled safely and securely via Paypal. We are always on hand if you have any download problems and will be happy to receive your requests for sounds you can't find - just drop us a line at sales(at)bigfataudio.com

So please search our growing collection and see how our sound effects differ....

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